Who We Are.

You're not alone out there. BUT the only person you work for is your client!

Count on us for support and encouragement-especially when unexpected details threaten to sidetrack your tax preparation and credit repair process.


Your success is our success. The staff at 1040Power is dedicated to creating the perfect environment from which you can serve your clients efficiently, with OUTSTANDING results. We want them to rely on you for any tax advice, credit questions and any information or task they may require. Our aim is to help you build your reputation for extracting the highest refunds and efficient credit repair in order to acquire and sustain the loyal client base that will grow your business.


As the owners of 1040POWER formally known as Assertive Tax Group, we've built a solid reputation on providing quality services that reflect the high standards your clients expect of you.  With a knowledge that combines 25 years of experience, our business profile can guarantee the highest refund record available to your clients.  We specialize in credit repair individual tax returns, home based and small business taxes, while offering a consistent quality service to all who join us.  Referring your clients to us as your resource indicates we've earned your confidence and they can expect to receive the top-tier performance they deserve.

PROBLEM SOLVING, it can happen to anyone:  we want you to rely on us to find daylight when a client has a unique problem or you're under the gun and need help solving a problem quickly.  We'll help keep the stress levels down while you get the situation back on track with our resources.

RESOURCES, we've got them—going and coming!  We're keeping up with what's happening on the state and federal levels.  You can expect us to be up to date with the latest information.