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How much does it cost? .

We have packages that start @299


Are there on-going fees? .

Yes. Our revenue sharing is a percentage of the actual tax preparation fees, and we guarantee it to be lower than our competitors. Our best revenue sharing percentage is 70% to you 30%.


Is there an education or skills requirement? .

No, we have training available.


Is there a cancellation provision in the contract? .



How long is training? .

All training's are at your own pace. Most people take a week to 30 days.


Can the software prepare business tax returns? .



Can I have the option to issue the customer tax refund on debit cards or checks? .



How long will it take to get the costumers tax refund? .

Generally 7-10 days. There are issues that can delay a clients tax return it is different for every delayed return is different for every delayed return.


What is a bank product return? .

A bank product return is a tax return that is electronically filed without collecting any upfront fees from the customer. At the same time you prepare the return, the customer will sign a document authorizing the bank to receive the customer’s tax refund and to pay us our fee from the tax return. It works this way. The bank creates an account in the name of the customer. Once the IRS funds the return, if at all, the bank transfers the customer’s tax refund into the account it created for the customer less fees. Accordingly, we call this type of bank product a Refund Transfer or RT. Simultaneously, the bank, through the tax software, will notify you that you have a check to print or debit card to issue. Once the check is printed or the debit card is issued the bank account for the client is closed.